Do not eat sugar can risk diabetes?

              It is well known that among people who are at risk of "diabetes" or in patients with diabetes. And want to control blood sugar levels. The main foods that need to be avoided are foods that are high in sugar, such as soda, sweet water, or foods that are in refined flour, such as white rice, bread, bakery, as well as food. Which is a line made of flour but aside from sugar And white flour.

              There is another group of food That affects blood sugar control That must be avoided as well, such as "caffeine" foods and beverages such as coffee, even if eating without sugar at all. But these foods still have "caffeine" which the caffeine normally Will act as a stimulant That helps us feel refreshed perky And not sleepy. But the disadvantage To people with diabetes is These caffeine Will stimulate the secretion of hormones "Hormone Cortisol" (Cortisol), which this hormone Causes blood sugar to rise. Foods containing "trans fat" are Which is most often found in groups of processed food such as margarine, creamer, margarine, bakery, French fries, as well as frozen foods.

             Foods that contain these trans fats Will stimulate the inflammatory process in the body Stimulate the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. In which these various cells in the body become resistant to the insulin hormone Also known as "Insulin Resistance", which causes the cells in the body Does not pull the sugar from the blood into the cells Result in increased blood sugar. Fruit juice. Because the amount of fruit used to squeeze a glass of juice is needed. Which sometimes may be more than the amount of fresh fruit. 

            That we eat in everyday life Make the amount of sugar, especially "fructose sugar" too much. Which this fructose sugar If the body receives excessive amounts May increase the risk of fatty liver disease Obesity And cell conditions in the body resistant to insulin hormones Resulting in increased blood sugar levels in the case of fruit. Should eat fresh fruit That is not sweet to the taste, such as guava, apple, raw mangoes or dragon fruit.

             In addition to dieting The important thing in people with diabetes is "exercise", whether it is walking, running, swimming or swinging arms. Because these exercises Is an aid that helps the body burn sugar well And can help control blood sugar levels.


Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci