Chapped skin How to handle?


How can I deal with winter damaged skin?

        During winter, water in your skin will be easily lost causing cracked and flakey skin as well as complicated infections, especially in elderly, children, and patients with skin diseases such as skin dermatitis and psoriasis.

       Patients with underlying diseases such as liver and kidney diseases, taking medicines such as diuretic or lipid-lowering drugs, or some inappropriate behaviors such as taking warm shower, using too strong soap, scrubbing, or skin exfoliating can cause dry skin.

        Taking care of skin during winter mainly focuses on applying moisturizer cream, body butter, or wax. Elderly should not use soap but try oil or bath oil instead. If you have severe dry skin, scaly residue, or itchy, you must consult with professional physician to avoid skin inflammation, wound, and complicated infection.

         Doctor should prescribe topical or oral medicines. However, patients must not scratch those areas due to irritation or complicated infection.



Information by Dr. Nicha Tangpapong
Composed by Medisci Center

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