Herpes on the lips Is then returned to be treated.

My Herpes Keeps Coming Back. How Can I Treat?

          If you have ever had an experience of oral herpes, you will realize that it never goes away. Once you have herpes, it is always recurrent. Herpes is caused by “Herpes Simplex Virus”, but oral and genital herpes are come from different groups. Mostly, it is transmitted by direct contact, such as skin, and indirect contact, such as straw, glass, or spoon, especially in a meal without a serving spoon.

          In the early stage, oral herpes causes swelling, redness, and pain. After that, it forms a group of blisters. In the first outbreak, although you recover from those symptoms, the virus is still inside your body by hiding along nerves and ganglions. Whenever you become weak or have low immune, this virus will replicate itself and cause recurrent.


          The efficient prevention of recurrent for those who have oral herpes for the first time is taking “antiviral drugs”. However, for those who have herpes outbreak for many times, taking medicine may not work. Therefore, those must take care of their health, get enough sleep, and exercise to prevent recurrence.

          Emotional and stress management as well as enough nutrients, especially vitamins, can favorably reduce herpes recurrence. Vitamins that play a role for body immune and get rid of recurrence are vitamin C and D.

              We suggest that patients with recurrent oral herpes should take vitamin C 1,000 mg per day since it can improve body immune. Moreover, it not only prevents the recurrence of herpes but also flu. On the other hand, daily sunlight causes vitamin D synthesis from the skin.

             In patients having easily infection or herpes, you should do the blood test to check vitamin level. If the vitamin D is very low, you must take supplements.


Information by Dr. Narumol Tongsreeneam
Composed by Medisci Center


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