6 ways to clear ingrown hair problems.

 Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hair by following these 6 Tricks

         “Ingrown hair” is a common skin disorder, especially in women. It is mostly found in upper arms or thighs. It is a small pimple with roughness or hardness like chicken skin. Generally, color of pimple is similar to your skin tone, but those with inflammatory pores have a redness pimple, and those with prolonged inflammation with regular scratch might have dark spots around upper arms and thighs.

         The cause of “ingrown hair” is an abnormality of keratin accumulation in your skin causing clogged pores, so the hair is unable to grow up and becomes ingrown; therefore, you will see small pimples in those areas. Ingrown hair is normally occurred in patients with skin and respiratory allergies as well as asthma. It is also usually found in people with extremely dried skin or living in dried and cold environments.

6 ways to treat skin with ingrown hair are as follows:
         1. Avoid warm shower since it causes more dry skin.
         2. Avoid scratching or scrubbing around those areas which may cause inflammatory pores.
         3. Use gentle body wash with pH 5.5 and fragrance-free.
         4. Use moisturizers or urea creams to nourish your skin and boost skin exfoliation.
         5. Use skin exfoliator such as AHA or retinoic acid
         6. Use lasers in case of severe ingrown hair and wanting rapidly results. Gentle Yag or Alexandrite lasers are very helpful for reducing ingrown hair in a long term.



Information by Dr. Narumol Tongsreeneam
Composed by Medisci Center

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