6 ways to clear ingrown hair problems.

             "Ingrown hair" is a common skin disorder that is common. Especially in women tend to be found on the upper arm Or thighs on both sides Looks like a small blister. When rubbed with a hand, it feels rough or hard like a chicken skin. Normally, the blisters are usually the same color as the skin. Except in people with inflammation of the hair follicles as well. May be found as a red blister In people with inflammation of the hair follicles for a long time And have a sheep or scratch together May be seen as a feature of black spots Can be on the upper arm or thigh area.

               The cause of "ingrown hair" comes from the disorder. Of keratin accumulation in the skin And causing clogging at the exit area of ​​the hair follicle The hairs inside were therefore unable to grow out. Resulting in ingrown hairs inside. Causing it to look from the outside as a feature of the small bud Of these ingrown hairs Usually have an "ingrown hair" condition with people with allergies Whether skin allergies Respiratory allergies People with asthma And also in people with very dry skin Or must be in a dry and cool place all the time Often encountered ingrown hairs like this too often.

For skin care with ingrown hairs Can do as follows.

     1. Avoid warm baths Because it will make the skin dry even more

     2. Avoid scratching Or a strong skin scrub That may cause the follicles to become inflamed.

     3. Should use gentle shower products with a PH5.5 value and not perfume.

     4. Use moisturizer or urea cream to add moisture to the skin. Makes the skin exfoliation better.

     5. Use accelerators to exfoliate the skin, such as fruit acids, AHA or drugs belonging to the vitamin A derivative group.

     6. Ingrown laser hair removal In the case of ingrown hairs And want to see results faster Can be used as a laser Gentle Yag or Alexandrite group, which was found to be able to solve ingrown hair problems as well. And can survive for a long time.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci