"Knee Osteoarthritis" Silent Silence Invisible.

Osteoarthritis: A Silent Disease

      “Osteoarthritis” is a common disease in elderly. This condition strongly disturbs daily life including moving, getting up, sitting, standing, walking, and climbing upstairs. Apart from body degeneration due to aging, osteoarthritis is occurred by parafunction, trauma, and inflammation of knee joints. It is mostly found in women than men, and the symptoms become severe after age 60.

        Early noticeable symptom of osteoarthritis is crepitation while moving your joints. When the joints become more inflammation, it causes edema, swelling, redness, and pain, which are the distinctive signs of inflammation. Severe osteoarthritis patients are not able to move their joints freely, have joint contraction, and may have muscle atrophy in that leg.



         Importantly, osteoarthritis patients must regularly exercise muscles around their joints to improve strength, especially quadriceps and knee extensor muscles. For example, lie down with your knee supported by pillow or fabric and gradually contract your muscles until your knee become straight for 10 seconds side by side.

       Whether Patients can do a jogging or aerobic dance or not depends on the severity and their body weight. We suggest you to choose the exercise method that not worsen your symptoms. Moreover, you must consult with doctor or specialist to select the most suitable exercise for your health.



Information by: Dr. Nicha Tangpapong
Compiled by: Medisci Center

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