"Knee Osteoarthritis" Silent Silence Invisible.

               "Osteoarthritis" is a very common problem in the elderly. Is a condition that is quite a hassle to everyday life Whether it is movement, sitting, standing, walking up the stairs, osteoarthritis. In addition to being caused by the aging of the body Can still be caused by incorrect use Or having been injured or infected in the knee joint Which osteoarthritis is more common in women than men And the symptoms tend to be more severe after the age of 60 onwards.

                The first stage of osteoarthritis was to feel noisy when moving the joints. When the knee becomes inflamed Will begin to have edema Including swelling, redness, pain, pain With clear inflammation In people with severe osteoarthritis May not have full movement of the knee joint, including muscle atrophy In the leg that has symptoms of osteoarthritis.

                 Important things to take care of yourself Of people with osteoarthritis is to keep exercising the muscles around the knee to be strong Especially the front leg muscles and the muscles that are used to stretch the knees With various management methods such as lying down using pillows or cloths Under the knees on both sides Then fear the knee muscles straight by one side By tensing and holding count 1-10, alternating sides.

                People with osteoarthritis Can jogging Or how much aerobics can dance Depends on the severity of the symptoms And the weight of each person, but it is best to choose methods of exercise that do not cause symptoms to increase Advising to consult a doctor or specialist about appropriate exercise methods. Will be safer.



Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong

Compiled by: Medisci