Inhalation of incense smoke Actually increases the risk of cancer?

Does smoke from incense increase the risk of cancer?

              It is true. Inhaling smoke from incense can increase the risk of cancer and chronic diseases. That smoke consists of tiny particles called PM 2.5, many gases including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen oxide and methane, and carcinogen.



These substances in smoke from incense are stimulating factors of many chronic diseases including:

                ⁃ Coronary artery disease
                ⁃ Allergies
                ⁃ Emphysema
                ⁃ Respiratory diseases which can be found in smokers

                This risk depends on amount, exposure time, and inhalation. People who work in any place contacting with incense or places of worship are more likely to have those diseases. Apart from health problems, smoke from incense is one of air pollutants causing “global warming”.

                Therefore, we suggested to “reduce, avoid, and stop using incense”. If you must use it, you may choose a short one to decrease burning time or select electrical incense instead. If you use incense in your house, you should do in the ventilated areas and avoid closed room. In case of going to places of worship, you should always wear mask to reduce effects of incense.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci

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