Inhalation of incense smoke Actually increases the risk of cancer?

Inhalation of incense smoke Actually increases the risk of cancer?

               Is true Inhaling the incense smoke increases the risk of cancer and various chronic diseases. In the incense smoke is composed of small dust particles called "PM2.5" and there are still various gases Like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen oxide, methane, as well as many carcinogens.

              These substances in incense smoke are risk factors that stimulate cancer, such as           

      - Lung Cancer

      - Bladder Cancer

      - Skin Cancer

      - Leukemia

              In addition to cancer Incense smoke also provokes various chronic diseases such as

     - Coronary artery disease

     - Allergy

     - Emphysema

     - Other respiratory diseases The same way as those found in regular smokers as well.

               The risk that occurs Will depend on the amount, duration of touch And inhalation of incense smoke In people who have to work or having to live in a religious place where there is a large amount of incense burning will increase the risk of these various diseases. Incense smoke itself is also considered as one of the air pollution causing "Global Warming Problem" as well.

              Therefore, the doctor recommends "reduce and stop burning incense" or if really want to burn incense. May choose short incense sticks To shorten the burning time Or choose to use as an electric incense instead Or if wanting to light incense in the house.

              Should be done in a ventilated place Should not burn incense in a closed room And when we have to go to a religious place where there is a lot of incense burning, we should wear a mask whenever In order to reduce the impact on incense smoke.



Information provided by: Dr. Narumon Thongsriiam
Compiled by: Medisci