Chemicals in cosmetics that pregnant women should not use

Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong Compiled by: Medisci

For "acne", both topical and oral medication is considered a taboo group.

That the mother should know is Ointments and pills that are in the group "Vitamin A acid",

               Which drugs in this group affect the fetusResulting in congenital conditions. For other acne drugs such as Benzoyl Peroxide or disinfectant drugs Really is available. But if there are so many acne that the general medicine cannot cure then recommend to consult a doctor.

                So the doctor can help assess the risks and benefits from taking the medication And was able to dispense the drug to eat safely, not harmful to the fetus for "black marks",  whether black marks from acne or blemishes.  The use of whitening pills or whitening has the potential to adversely affect pregnant women in two ways. The first is that the chemicality may adversely affect the unborn child. And the second group Is a group that should be very careful.

  • Hydroquinone group, drug in the hydroquinone group Able to penetrate the bloodstream gradually Resulting in a higher chance of reaching the unborn child
  • Whitening tablets or whitening containing "Mercury" which mercury is a heavy metal Have the opportunity to affect the baby's nervous system, including the possibility of congenital malformations Or in some cases. The drug may not affect children. But may cause skin irritation Due to being pregnant Hormones have changed.

               The chances that the skin will be irritated by various chemicals will be easier from this mentioned. Pregnant doctors should be aware of products that do not know the ingredients do not pass. If you want to use Whitening, you should consult a doctor first. Will be the safest




Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong

Compiled by: Medisci