Chemicals in cosmetics that pregnant women should not use

Beauty Products to Avoid during Pregnancy

           Acne and melasma seem to be a huge problem during pregnancy. Regarding her baby, all expectant mothers are unable to apply cream or take medicine as they want. As a result, they concerned with skin problems every time they look in the mirror causing lacking of confidence.

           For the acne treatment, oral and topical medicines absolutely prohibited for expectant mothers are vitamin A acid since it can affect to the baby and lead to congenital deformities. Other acne drugs such as Benzoyl Peroxide or topical antibiotics are allowed. In case of severe acne which is unable to treat with general medicine, patients should consult with professional doctor to evaluate the risks and advantages of drug using. Therefore, the doctor can prescribe suitable drugs without side effects to baby.
For the treatment of “black spots” due to acne or melasma, anti-pigmentation drugs or whitening may affect pregnant women in two ways. Firstly, chemical have an adverse effects to the baby. Secondly, which required excessively concern, they are:
            - Hydroquinone: Topical hydroquinone can deeply penetrate to bloodstream; therefore, it has a high chance to affect the baby.
          - Anti-pigmentation drugs or whitening containing “mercury”: Mercury is a heavy metal, so it may affect nervous system of the baby causing congenital deformities. In some cases, drug does not directly affect to the baby, but it easily causes chemical skin irritation due to hormonal changes from pregnancy.

           As a result, mother-to-be should concern any chemicals with unknown substances or not approved by FDA. If you want to apply whitening, you should ask your doctor permission for the most safety.

Information provided by: Dr. Nicha Tangpobnong

Compiled by: Medisci



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