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Varicose vein is a vein located in the shallow subcutaneous layer that has enlarged. Aneurysm and zigzag Often caused by abnormalities of the tongue in the blood vessels Can not prevent the flow of blood back. Resulting in blood clots in the veins In addition, sitting or standing may occur for a long time. Being overweight And wearing high heels for a long time.

Stretch marks are caused by the continuous stretching of the skin and tissues within a short amount of time. Causing the destruction of the collagen structure Causing a wound around the skin Commonly found in pregnant women, obese people, rapid weight gain or weight loss. Quickly rising teenagers Stretch marks tend to occur on the abdomen, chest, thighs, hips and buttocks. Treatment for stretch marks should be effective early. In the initial stage Which is usually a pale pink stripe If left for a long time, the stretch marks become white and scar-like will be more difficult to treat. Requires more technology to help Like a long scar treatmentStretch marks.

Ultraslim Program is a weight loss and slimming program. Which focuses on holistic analysis In order to evaluate and diagnose detailed information And is a guideline for the program to reduce the proportion to suit the individual For maximum efficiency.

Permanent hair removal is a highly effective hair removal, which will not come back after at least 1 year. Popular areas for permanent hair removal are beards, armpits, armpits, chest hair, shin, arm and bikini hair. The use of laser in permanent hair removal with the Gentle Yag is considered the best technology at the moment. The laser light has a specific wavelength which can pass through the top layer of skin down to destroy the hair follicles. Without damaging the surrounding skin during the laser shot Therefore there is very little chance of scarring