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Understanding Vitamin Drips: Benefits, Risks, and Considerations Before Opting for the Service

Radiesse® is the latest innovation in injectable fillers designed to stimulate the production of new skin fibers. It consists of a key ingredient called CaHA (Calcium Hydroxylapatite) microspheres, which is naturally found in the body, making it a non-synthetic substance.

During the Exclusive Training Workshop Train-the-Trainer Masterclass, a team of doctors from Medisci Clinic and renowned physicians came together to learn and enhance their expertise.

The 11th DASIL World Congress is a global conference, and it has been made possible through the collaboration of Dr. Atchima Suwannajinda, the Director of Medisci Clinic, and Merz Aesthetics Thailand.

Dr. Ajijima Suwannajinda, the Director of Medisci Clinic, is collaborating with Merz Aesthetics Thailand to host the 11th DASIL World Congress, which will take place in Bangkok from October 25th to 27th, 2023.

Sylfirm X Plus is the world's first technology that uses small needles to deliver radiofrequency waves in two forms (Dual Wave) deep into the skin, addressing a wide range of skin issues in a single device

IV Hair Support, a hair vitamin formula with many benefits, nourishes and revitalizes deep-rooted hair follicle cells to make hair thick, shiny, and strong both from the inside and outside in a sustainable way.

IV Metabolism Support Formula to Boost Metabolism Adrenal support, ready to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue and reduce inflammation

Collagen booster supports the skin to bring back youth with many desirable results. Many people tend to think that this is just a ready-to-drink

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