Venus Legacy
The device is used to maintain a slim figure and reduce stretch marks and wrinkles. It also increases firmness and smoothness and stimulate blood circulation causing the healthy skin.
Coolsculpting is a non-invasive technology using controlled cooling to kill local subcutaneous fat cells which is safe and effective. In a suitable duration, Coolsculpting leading to Cryolipolysis™ causes adipose cell freezing and defunctioning.
BodyTite is a procedure used for lipolysis by doctors in a sterile room (operating room) where it emits Radio frequency using RFAL TM (Radio - Frequency Assisted Liposuction) technology for liposuction.
The internal changes, the main problem of women undergoing natural childbirth, causes physiological changes of the skin inside your vagina such as pelvic organ prolapse. 
Stretch marks treatment program
 Stretch marks is a rapidly expansion of skin and internal tissues causing collagen degradation and scars.
Varicose vein treatment program
Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisted veins lying in superficial skin layer. Causing by abnormal vein valves, circulated blood is reflux and congested in veins. Moreover, prolonged sitting or standing, overweight, and regularly high heels wearing are other main causes of this problem.
Permanent hair removal program to treat ingrown hairs.
Permanent hair removal is a highly effective hair removal treatment. After the treatment, the hair will not grow back for at least 1 year or more.
Weight loss and slim slim program
     Ultra Slim Program is a program for weight loss and body slimming focusing on holistic analysis in order to evaluate and diagnose in more detail. The analysed data will be used as a guideline in planning a slimming program for individual with maximum efficiency.
Gentle yag
        A laser developed by Candela, USA, is gentle and extremely effective in hair removal for all skin types. Moreover, it can be used for treating any vascular disorders not bigger than 2.5 mm in both face and legs and reducing wrinkles. 
Gentle Lase
        A laser technology from Candela Company, USA, is gentle for your skin, very high effective for hair removal in white patients, and valuably fixing skin pigment problems.
Gentle MAX Pro
This technology has a cooling spray system providing high resolution combined with a powerful laser beam and precise laser emission timing. It is a highly effective treatment operating by professional doctors.
MeDioStar NeXT
It is a medical device used for removing unwanted hair,
treating acne, healing spider veins and brightening the skin.
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