A medical device uses for treating and removing cause of chronic acnes, Mallorca acnes, steroid acnes, sensitive skin, dry skin, inflamed skin, wrinkles, or unpleasant uneven skin tone. With this non-invasive tool, a radio wave transfer cold plasma to diminish degraded skin cells, stimulate skin cell production and reduce acne inflammation without wound or pain. All treatment procedure is controlled by a professional physician.
หน้าสวย frac
         An innovative Bioplasma, a Radiofrequency technology with Micro-fractional plasma Module (BIOPlasma), induces rhythmical electromagnetic waves with high pressure and frequency to a semiconductor device which causes plasma energy. Plasma energy emits positive and negative free charges, ozone, and blue photons. Therefore, superficial skin layer will be gently exfoliated in the micro level causing keratin plug and acne origin (P-acne) elimination, degenerated skin cells exfoliation, microorganism removal, and dark spot from abnormal skin pigmentation or dead skin diminishing. Moreover, it will cause inflamed skin cell reparation, and skin inflammation is reduced. Radiofrequency waves affecting sebaceous glands and hair cell production will cause coagulation, sebaceous gland contraction and temporary deactivation, and keratin production readjusting. This will cause skin cell layer contraction, therefore, the skin will be tightened. In a long term, collagen layer will remodel its structures. Reacting with outer skin layer, the blue-purple light from ozone can disinfect your skin, treat acne problems, and slowly evaporate skin inflammation due to acnes or rashes. Moreover, free charges will enhance cell absorption. After treatment, your skin will look brighter, healthier, and tighter. This cold plasma is only 40-42 °C, so it causes no wound or pain.

 Suitable for:
1. Acne problems
2. Damaged and rough skin
3. Steroid skin
4. Mallorca acnes
5. Rashes
6. Oily skin
7. Large pores
8. Skin diseases
9. Chronic wounds and other types of wound
10. Wrinkles and flabby skin
11. Dark facial skin

Side effects
1. After treatment, patients should wait for 15-20 minutes before doing makeup.
2. May cause slightly swelling and redness, and it will disappear.
3. May cause facial scaly residue.
4. May cause slightly dry skin.

1. Pacemaker implantation
2. Metallic wearing area
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