Biocell Therapy Program

          Medisci center has developed the science of cell regeneration since cell can develop itself into unlimited cells. With natural homeopathy medicine, which uses natural substances without residue and no side effects, the treatment helps restoring and repairing degenerated cells in various chronic diseases as well as balancing the functions of cells to be able to communicate and work together systematically. It helps in treating various degenerative diseases such as dementia, vascular and heart disease, cancer, etc.
             Stem cells have the ability to infinitely develop itselves into different cells. Its potential has become the main focus to help restoring and repairing damaged cells in various chronic diseases in the future.
         In addition to stem cells, organopeptide biomolecules in the homeopathy from various organs serves to stimulate the cell body, accelerate repairation, and compensate for the deterioration. The substance is widely studied in Europe in term of treating osteoporosis, dementia, and diseases caused by all types of degenerative organs such as liver, kidney, heart, lungs, cerebrovascular, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, eyes, retina, inner ears, nerves, muscles, etc.
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