Big Booty
           Wide hip is not as appealing as everyone thinks. Some girls in some continents love big booty and hip depending on her social value, yet Asian girls disagree. Then, how do we know that we have a big butt? When waist circumference (the narrowest part) divided by hip circumference (the broadest part), it must be approximately 0.7. If the number is more than 0.7, it means you have large waist and small hip. On the contrary, if the number is less than 0.7, it means you have small waist and large hip. There are 3 problems of booty which are:

• Big butt: Sagging butt is caused by large amount of fat deposition, muscle weakness, and untightened skin due to lack of exercise.
• Disproportionate butt: This can be occurred in young people and elderly caused by changing in body proportion.
• Small butt: The butt looks flat like it does not exist.

             Big booty is found in obesity and people who taking hormone. This condition can also be found in patients with abnormal liver function, fatty liver, or dysbiosis which disturbs hormone production and leads to obesity including big buttocks. Moreover, some people have large amount of fat deposition in booty, hips, and thigh causing small limbs but big butt. This is more likely found in women than men, and these people have high risks of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and obesity.
             A big problem of big booty girls is that none of their clothes is fit or look good causing insecure, and big butt also causes cellulite and stretch marks. The solutions are different for individual.

          Big and sagging butt with fat deposition can be fixed by liposuction. The fat may be permanently removed or reinjected to your buttocks for giving a more proportional appearance. The area prohibited from liposuction is banana rolls because it maintains your butt unless your booty will become sagging and loose. The problem of butt injection is the amount of fat which is much more to 800 CC and 2000 CC for both sides. If you don’t want to use your own fat, there are other options such as
          Cellulite caused by skin weakness, so subcutaneous layer can penetrate to upper skin layer causing bumpy skin. It can be rapidly degraded by radiofrequency wave. This wave also stimulates collagen production causing strength connective tissue, which reduces cellulite problem.
      Stretch marks caused by rapidly expansion of skin and tissues. Therefore, collagen structure in dermis is destroyed. This problem can be treated by laser or radiofrequency wave which can improve skin reparation, reduce fascia, and enhance collagen production.

     We can prevent an unwanted big booty by regular exercise and avoiding sitting for a long time. Moreover, you should take good fats, vegetables, and fruits instead of saturated fats, processed foods, fatty meats, and animal fats. The most important thing is a proper workout, you should try hip and thigh exercise to reduce sagging booty and fat deposition.
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