Anti-Aging Program
         It is a health examination program to find the cause of illness in detail focusing on disease prevention, and lay out guidelines for changing daily life, personalizing diet and exercise, as well as restoring health and slowing down the deterioration of the body. Our center will prepare individual health reports (Anti-aging Passport) in a format that is easy to read and can be operated by yourself with the same standards as in America and Europe.
        Our center will examine the functions of various parts of the body such as autonomic nervous system, hormone balance, bone resorption rate, and the risk of cancers, blockage of the artery wall, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases in order to prevent and treat them promptly and effectively.
When should you start an anti-aging program?
     You should start before permanent deterioration because rehabilitation will results better. Women should start at the age of 30 and men at the age of 40.
  • Preparation for an anti-aging program : It is a physical examination in your normal condition. Therefore, no special preparation is required, and there is no need to fast before a blood test.
  • History taking : The doctor will collect detailed health information from birth to present to analyze, assess and treat patients accurately and efficiently.
  • Physical fitness check: To estimate the actual age of the body and how much your body is older than your actual age, the professional doctors will assess the level of body function balance such as assessing water balance and physical fitness, etc.
  • Laboratory examination: To assess all body functions, such as hormone levels, lipid levels, liver and kidney functions, the risk of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, or cancers.
  • Evaluation : Information from every step will be gathered and analyzed by specialists from various fields at a meeting to plan and increase the most comprehensive treatment approach for individuals.
Treatment guidelines

The treatment focuses on personalized treatments from the assessed data which may combined of many methods including
  • Food intake controlled by the nutritionist which will evaluate results and offer guidelines for making the right food choices to prevent and treat degeneration in various body systems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • For maximum benefit to the body, the use of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the appropriate dosage encourages balance of the body and reduces body deterioration.
  • Adjusting exercise under the supervision of rehabilitation doctors and physical therapists reduces the risk of injury, stimulates various hormones to work fully, reduces the risk of disease, increases blood flow and decreases accumulated fat in the body.
  • Management of trait stress by finding the cause of stress will help you deal with stress within the body caused by various chronic inflammation hiding inside your body.

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