Beautify the Eyes
          The eyes are the body's vital organs because they say eyes are the windows to the heart. Therefore, it is not strange that anyone wants to have big eyes like a child. Nowadays, it is found that Asian people is the most popular group doing eye surgery. In other countries, there is even a study on the shape of the eyes, and the study shows that big eyes makes the face looking more attractive. Many people have droopy eyebrows, a lot of eyelids, crow's feet, or many wrinkles under the eyes causing unattractive eyes. Today, there are many solutions to fix those problems and increase the size of the eyes in a variety ways as follow;
1. Make-up: doulble-layer eyelashes or eyeliners
2. Surgery: Epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and double eyelid surgery can enlarge the eyes for 10-15%.
Eyebrow lifting surgery can also makes the eyes bigger.
3. The use of Botox (Botulinum toxin): increase the size of eyes, requiring expert operator and injection techniques such as injection to raise the eyebrows or injections to reduce the lines under the eyes in order to make the bigger eyes.
4.Use of sound waves or radio frequency: helps to tighten the skin causing eyebrows raising and bigger eyes.
5. Fat Graft: helps reducing dark circles under the eyes causing the overall condition of the eyes looks brighter and more attractive.
          Eye health problems are also important. Many people have symptoms of visual impairment such as farsightedness. Over the age of 40, they begin to have eye muscle deterioration or Computer Vision Syndrome, which is eye and visual disorder. As a result of using a tablet or computer for a long time, dry eyes, pain, stinging, irritation, and watery eyes can be occurred. Therefore, we should more take care of eyesight by the following methods:
1. Set the distance of using the computer about 16 - 30 inches.
The computer screen should fit to eyesight level. If you have to use computer for a long time, should take a 10 -15 minutes break, and if eye irritation, pain, or watery eyes are occurred, you should see the doctor.
2. Be careful of using cosmetics
Eye makeup should be changed every 3-4 month. In addition, topical medications such as eye drops should not be used more than 1 month once opened.
3. Eye exercises
It is an exercise for the eye muscles such as blinking or making eye movements. It will help strengthening the muscles of the eyeballs and reducing fatigue from using eyes for a long time.
4. Acupressure is a Chinese medicine using fingers press down on different points instead of acupuncture. Pressing around nerves for 5-8 seconds can stimulate blood circulation, reduce bruising, and strengthening your eyes.
Eye health care: these are recommendations to strengthen, nourish, and reduce the chance of the deterioration of eyesight.
- Eating a healthy diet not processed food
- Avoid eating salty food or food with color-adding or flavoring
- Exercise for toxin excretion
- Get adequate sleep
- Drink water
- Eat colorful fruits and vegetables or take beta carotene supplements

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