Thanks, Docs! I got beautiful boobs!
        Breasts are the important and attractive part of women. Main problems of many girls must be her boobs. Some with small size may lack of confidence. Some with big size face saggy and unshaped problems. Therefore, it is definitely a big concern for all big and small girls.
        Breast augmentation lasts long for more than 50 years. Thus, silicone is widely used in this surgery. There are many types of silicone; however, medical grade silicone must be above standard and 100% pure for biocompatibility property. If silicone grade is low, it may easily rupture and leak or have poor compressive strength causing harm to our body. Therefore, silicone grade is very significant for breast surgery.
         Breast augmentation surgery is operated by inserting silicone to inframammary, transaxillary, periareolar, or belly button which depends on doctor’s discretion. Side effects related to its qualities, types, and surgery method.
- Liquid silicone is another type of fillers injecting to your body. This is a popular material since its method is quick, non-invasive, and no incision needed. However, problem is that liquid silicone can reflux to any parts of body and react with cells causing unwanted sagging and rigidity. Moreover, it is unable to degrade by time like other fillers, so it can completely fuse with skin tissues. Therefore, liquid silicone removal is a hard procedure.
- Silicone implant can be placed in your body without dangerous. It is approved and widely used in surgery.

        - Surgical problems: Swollen, abnormal bleeding, and scarring can be occurred depending on suture technique and its location.
Persistent motion on surgical area increases the risk of scarring. Medical devices and silicone must be standard and sterile. Moreover, after surgery, patients must clean and disinfect their wounds. After wound healing, laser can be used to reduce those scars.

         Breast augmentation surgery is a high-risk operation which required the most hygienic care, and disinfection is significantly important. Therefore, another breast augmentation method is an alternative with less process, less complicated, and non-invasive as well.
1. Hyaluronic acid injection
Hyaluronic acid is a gel-liked natural substance specifically used for breast augmentation. This procedure uses double technique for subcutaneous layer and inframammary area.
2. Fat injection
The fat is liposuctioned from other body areas to increase the size of the breasts. Water and other devices are used for protecting fat cell hypertrophy and transferring those cells. This technique can combine with silicone.
3. Natural substances injection (Homeopathy)
This technique focuses on balancing hormones and stimulating mammary gland. It does not increase in size, but your breasts will become tighter.
         Breast augmentation with synthetic substances, fat, or natural substances is a low-risk technique and has less side effects. Little bruise can be occurred. However, infection must be concerned, so postoperative care is a key. Patients must strictly follow physician’s instructions as well as maintain their health and control sugar level for the least side effects.
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