Baby face
          Cosmetic surgery is not only for adults but also for young people. Youth, nowadays, also undergoes Botox treatment for adjusting their face, eyes, and nose shapes. According to the statistics from Institute of Dermatology, in the past 4 years, it is found that teenagers above 19-20 start using Botox. In the past, there are 10 people undergoes Botox in a month; however, nowadays, there are more than 100 people per month undergoes Botox. Moreover, the ages of patients become younger due to social influences.
         Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum which can cause local muscle relaxation. Thus, wrinkles around treatment areas as well as jaw muscles are reduced. It is useful for adjustment the shapes of face, nose, chin, and eyes. Botox manufactured from America is high-priced, so American citizens who can afford Botox treatment must have a high income. However, in the past 4-5 years, Botox is imported from Korea and China which is much cheaper. Thus, young people are able to afford Botox injection causing high number of Botox users.

         Although Botox is beneficial for adjusting face shape and reducing wrinkles, it has long-term effects in teenagers. If you take Botox for a long time with high dosage, muscles around those areas may permanently malfunction. Especially, if you use impure and low quality Botox, immune system may produce antibodies against it causing ineffective or less results.
เสริมสวยด้วย Botox
 Therefore, Botox selection is very important as well as a suitable amount and physician’s skill. If Botox is injected in wrong areas or high dosage, it may cause many side effects such as aging, downward eyebrows, malformed face shape, or life-threatening. There are some people who cannot take Botox such as
1. Patients with allergic history or immune system disorders must inform the doctor before treatment.
2. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are prohibited because Botox can affect nervous system as well as her fetus.
3. Patients with myasthenia gravis, neurological disorders, or other diseases are prohibited because antibiotics can react with Botox. Therefore, patients must declare their drug history to the doctor before treatment.

Preoperative care
1. Avoid all alcoholic drinks because it affects coagulation causing easily bruise.
2. Avoid any drug or supplement affecting coagulation such as vitamin E, fish oil, ginseng, or ginkgo biloba, and also avoid anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin 1 week before treatment.
3. Exercise muscles around Botox areas for good penetration and rapidly satisfying results.
4. Avoid any drug or supplement causing coagulation for 1 week after injection to avoid bruises.
5. Should use gentle face wash and usually apply sunscreen before going outside.
6. Strictly follow up with your doctor for checking the treatment results.
          Generally, Botox will fully activate within 2-3 weeks. Each injection can last long for 4-5 months, and it will be gradually degraded. Then, you need to re-inject for your satisfying appearance. Therefore, you should carefully learn its use and checking yourself for your own safety and esthetic.
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