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          Many people think cellulite is a problem of obese one. However, in fact, thin people also have a cellulite. People with cellulite have dimpled and orange-peeled skin causing undesirable appearance and unconfident. As a result, this is a major problem leading most women to see a doctor.
          Cellulite is a skin abnormality. When your body deposit large amount of fat, those stubborn fats will form a mass and penetrate to upper skin layer causing dimpled skin. Since women and men have different connective tissue structures, we likely find cellulite in women up to 90%. Not only obese people but people with poor vascular and lymphatic system, bad eating habits, lacking of exercise, genetic history, or fasting can also have cellulite and body inflammation.

Cellulite reduction treatments are as follows:
1. Laser stimulates collagen production and enhances vascular system.
2. Radiofrequency and ultrasound waves stimulates collagen production, enhances vascular system, and eliminates waste products.
3. Vacuum massage, spa massage, or medical spa stimulates fat metabolism, vascular system, and lymphatic system. Spa oils should consist of non-chemical and non-preservative substances for avoiding allergy. Active substances such as methyxanthine or vitamin A should be used for boosting vascular system.

4. Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of substances to degrade fat or cellulite. Safety and side effects depend on types of substances. Therefore, the procedure must be performed by professional physician at reliable medical center.
5. Liposuction uses medical devices to suction fat from unwanted areas. Mostly, it combines with other method for skin smoothing and cellulite removal.
6. Subcision uses for removing connective tissue. Therfore, those tissues will not retract outer skin making cellulite less visible.
          Although many methods can fix cellulite problems, the best one is maintaining your health by avoiding food additive, processed food, or flavor enhancer since those foods affect water deposition and cause cellulite. Moreover, you should exercise to stimulate blood circulation. If you do many operations but do not maintaining your health by natural method, unsatisfying cellulite must be occurred again.
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