Celebrity skin
         It is believed that many young people want to look beautiful without makeup like a celebrity. Sone of them can do nothing but jealous of people who have a clear face because their face is dull and not bright. Unlike those having clear skin, they thus can't reveal the skin. They end up with doing makeup all the time. First of all, let's see what are some problems that make our face look dull.
         Nowadays, we have to expose to the sun and a lot of pollutions, causing acne, rolling scars, and wrinkles. These effects make the face look aged and dull, as well as cause scars and blemishes. Some people have dry skin and thick skin layer caused by slower exfoliation of the skin which is found in the elderly and people with hormonal changes, poor circulation, bad excretory system, underlying diseases, liver disease, and kidney disease. Those have a lot of waste residues in the body which results in unhealthy skin and makes the face look not radiant.
How to keep your facial skin looking like celebrities
You must take care of both internal and external healths because if our health is not good, there is impossible that our skin will be beautiful. To have a perfect skin, you must be beautiful from the inside. Therefore, you must take care of yourself by:
Do not drink, do not smoke, and do not get toxins into the body: When we inhale the smoke, cigarettes bring about 4000 chemicals and free radicals that destroy the skin into the body. These chemicals will destroy collagen and elastin which are fibers maintaining strength and elasticity of the skin. Moreover, when collagen and elastin are weak, the skin begins to sagging and wrinkling. Collagen and elastin deprivation is the cause of skin damage that cannot be regenerated.
       Control food intake: you must choose a healthy diet in the group of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E, which are the main substances for collagen production, UV protection, and damage reduction of sunlight to the skin. Moreover, you should eat all nutrients in order to control calories without skipping the beneficial nutrients. The sufficient nutrients can stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and encourage the function of circulatory system leading to healthy skin.
      Exercise: it is an important factor that improves excretion and the blood circulatory system. Moreover, it also maintains the body healthy. When exercising every day, it will cause the body to eliminate wastes well, and after the body has no residue, you will have a radiant skin.
      Get enough sleep: the body can rest and repair deteriorated area as well as balance hormones. Definitely, adequate sleep directly affects our skin as the body will repair and replenish the skin cells and secrete melatonin to protect skin cells from free radicals to slow down aging during our deep sleep.
      External treatment: There are various technologies for solving skin problems, including hyperpigmentation, redness, or neoplasm. Laser technology is useful for treatment of wrinkles, and radio frequency technology can improve skin condition or even exfoliation of the damaged skin cells.

It is important to choose the appropriate technology for our problem and operated with an expert doctor, so there will be no side effect, and you will get perfect beautiful skin like the celebrity.

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