Menopausal Acne
          "Acne" is not only the teenage problem. When you become older, your body is degenerating, and the function is decreasing. In menopause, ovary will produce less female hormones causing some male hormones increasing. Thus, sebaceous gland will produce more fat causing pore enlarging and acnes. Moreover, elderly prone to have immune system disorders, so they tend to have chronic acne 20% rather than younger. Causes of acne in menopause are as follows:
• Hormonal change causing acnes around lower area of face, jaw line, mouth, and neck
• Occupation attaching to some chemicals such as gasoline or petroleum causing chronic acne
• Taking drugs such as contraceptive, steroid, anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, or anti-tubercular drugs
• Consuming some kinds of food such as milk or dairy products, yoghurt, cake, or sweets
• Stress, sleep deprivation, and sleep late easily causing acnes

The best way of treatment is a cause removal which begins with external diagnosis to blood test for diagnosing internal causes. After that, undergo the treatment according to the causes.
Internal treatment
• Avoid milk or dairy products, yoghurt, cake, or sweets because those foods can stimulate acne production and cause chronic acnes.
• Take hormonal drugs for hormonal balance must be under doctor’s control.
• Homeopathy is the way of stimulating your body balance by toxin elimination, antioxidant enhancing, and skin regeneration stimulation. These causes acne reduction.
• Acupuncture is an inserting of very thin needles through a person’ skin at specific points on the body. It is a tradional Chinese medicine based on belief of life force or Qi in Meridian Line. This treatment helps balancing your body.
External taretment
• Low-level laser therapy reducing scars, acne scars, and wrinkles will cause skin regeneration. Energy will penetrate skin in the suitable level activating skin functions.
• Radio waves or sound waves regenerate your skin and alternate degenerated skin cell structures. This can treat scars, acne scars, and inflamed skin due to acnes or rashes. Moreover, it will rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles. Radio waves and sound waves technologies will alternate subcutaneous extracellular matrixes as well.
• Stimulating cell production from growth factors in platelet by blood-spinning, allowing platelets to be isolated from other blood components. Grown factors in platelet will be injected back to our own face for stimulating cell production. This technique stimulates superficial skin layer exfoliation, collagen production, skin cells restoration, and treating scars, acne scars, and wrinkles.
      Seeing from the outside, we may feel that acnes are just the external problems. However, truly, internal problems must be simultaneously fixed for treating acnes gone for good. We should take care of our health regardless of any age. Therefore, we will stay beautiful from inside and out…
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