Beauty without risks
         If you don't want a breaking-out face, do not take a risk with using cheap products because our face has only one face. Wee should be careful for it. Beautiful things are indispensable for all ages. We live in an age where everyone can buy products and use it. Online product propaganda including plastic surgery can improve your look better. If the result is satisfactory, you will be fine. But, if there are side effects and not as expected or worse, you will be suffer and waste of your money later.
 1. Whitening cream
          In the case of purchasing a whitening cream from the Internet, when you stop use it, there is inflammatory skin. There are also inflamed pimples and red marks all over the face caused by the prohibited substances used as an ingredient in the whitening creams.
• Steroid substances are mostly found in whitening creams and acne creams, which its effects will cause topical steroid addiction in long-term using. It will cause the thinning skin, photosensitivity and weakened skin easily exposed to external pollution. These effects lead to sensitive skin and difficult to treat. In some cases, if they consumed a large amount of steroid, it can affct the liver and kidneys.
• Mercury in whitening cream
Up to 20% of these products contain high levels of mercury.
Mercury can whiten the skin in a short period and treat both acne and blemishes, but, when mercury infiltrates the body, it will cause the destruction of skin cells causing allergies, redness, darkened skin, blemish, thinning skin. Moreover, when you used it consecutively for a long time, it will cause cumulative mercury poisoning in the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream, causing liver, kidney and Anemia Urinary tract inflammation. For pregnant women, mercury will be absorbed into the body and into the baby, causing the child to have cerebral palsy.


• Hydroquinone inhibits the skin pigmentation process also known as melanin, so it gives a whitening effect. Due to this mechanism, hydroquinone is used as a topical treatment for blemishes, freckles and dark spots, but if the body is exposed to excessive hydroquinone, it will cause side effects such as burning, redness, and darkening of the skin. If you use continuously, it may cause melasma and increases the risk of skin cancer. In an overdose user, the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream and can induce tremors or epilepsy.
Selection of whitening products must consider safety, a reliable source of products, FDA certification, exaggerating claims giving the instant results of the whitening, you should carefully take your discredition. Don't choose the cream just because it's economical, but you have to pay for a lot of facial treatments later.
2. Injection of fillers
Filler is Hyaluronic Acid. When it is mixed with water, it will expand in the form of a gel, which is a compound of collagen. It will then be injected into the face to solve the problem of aging skin, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet and cheek lines, including fixing the problem of dimpled scars. There is also an injection to enhance the skin tissue to look fuller than before whether it is a nose augmentation, chin augmentation, lips or injections of firming face. Today, the filler injection has been extensively popular because the statisifying results are seen immediately after the injection. However, there will be many side effects from the filler injection including swelling, severe infectious, inflammation, rotting or even deformed face. The cause of the problem is as follow:
• Injecting fillers from non- medical professional or a quacks
The doctors who injects fillers must be expertise and reliability, know proper injection technique, and they must be able to analyze drug dosage and precise injection site because, when injecting the substance into each time, there is a risk of getting into a blood vessel or other unwanted areas causing danger to death.

• Wrong use of substances
"Fake filler" or filler analogy may be in the form of ground silicone, liquid silicone that quacks use to lie to their customers that it is safe, so we need to assure that those substances are safe and Hyaluronic Acid filler certified by the FDA, not other substances that pretend to be filler, a cheap filler sold on the internet or import illegally.
         The important thing in filler injection is using a safe substance, the correct injection technique and injected by a professional doctor. The strict maintenance after injection is also neccessary since the most common problems are caused by infection after treatment. The patients must take care of it strictly, and it must be cleaned with a suitable solution. The injection site must be a standardized medical facility and licensed to operate legally.
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