Cooling for looking cool
            Beauty is indispensable for women. Everyone chooses different ways to keep themselves beautiful including taking care of oneself, diet control, exercise, spaing, or bathing in a sauna since the heat will help in body waste secretion. However, do you know that the cold is another option that helps us stay in shape and cures diseases?
                 Cryosurgery, beginning since ancient times, is used to treat sports injuries or common diseases and to stimulate the immune system, divided into 2 groups:
- Superficial cryotherapy such as coolpack, which is about 10-20 degrees, is used for compressing the skin. The vascular smooth muscles are contracted and loosened; therefore, it stimulates functions of circulatory and nervous systems. It also can reduce pain, muscle tension, inflammation, and the rate of injury of various cells in a thermal wound.
- Freezing cryotherapy, with a temperature between -40 to -20 celcius, reduces cell metabolism, inflammation, and pain. It also increases the survival rate of injured cells and enhance functions of circulatory system. This treatment has been used for a long time. A cryo machine with a temperature of -100 degrees celcius cures patients with an autoimmune diseases, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, or other injuries, and, more importantly, it can be used in cell storage.

             Later, cryosurgery has been developed in order to slow down aging by reducing cell metabolism and cell degeneration as well as increasing cell survival rate. It is another form of anti-aging methods. The cold therapy not only improves esthetics but also treats many diseases.
1. Breast cancer treatment: Switching between heat (hirium) and cold (argon) reduces cell injury and blood loss. This treatment has a relatively high success rate and few side effects.
2. Cervical cancer treatment (In the initial stage): Nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide causes freezing temperature. Therefore, cervical cancer areas are freezed in order to kill cancer cells. It is an easy remedy and not required complicate postoperation care.
3. Skin cancer treatment in the initial stage: Cryo-therapy or liquid nitrogen is sprayed or tickled to the skin. It can be used to treat patients with warts, freckles, or moles.
4. Acne or blemish treatment: Carbon dioxide rods cools the superficial skin cells causing exfoliation and regeneration of the skin. It is a medical treatment which must be operated by only expert physicains because each cryosurgery treatment is required temperature control and the proper treatment duration.
5. Keloid scars treatment: Applying cold destroys cells and reduces the keloid wounds.
6. Wrinkle reduction: Cryomassage or cooling directly penetrates to the nerve muscle areas that causes wrinkles. Therefore, It can stimulate the circulatory system, the production of collagen, and cell activities. In addition, the treatment repairs cell tissue, reduces dark circles under the eyes, inflammation of acne, and black spots, stimulates wound healing, and tightens pores.
7. Body proportion fixing: Cooling technology removes fat cells in unwanted areas by freezing them. This cooling technology is able to break down 20-25% of fat, and it is a non-invasive and safe method.
                     Cooling technology is another option that can treat various diseases without surgery. It is not required long wound healing and has no risk of infection from surgery. It can be used for the treatment of acnes, blemishes, wrinkles, and the body proportion. Cryosyrgery, however, stil has some limitations because this treatment is required special control. It is therefore necessary to receive treatment from a specialty doctor.
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