Unbeautiful Beauty Surgery
        Nowadays, thanks to latest medical technology, women can be forever young by fixing any defected area such as wrinkles reduction, double eyelid surgery, nose job, chin augmentation, double chin removal, or even liposuction. As a result, many women undergo a surgery. Beauty, however, is based on suitability and natural. If surgery is overdone, your face will absolutely not look good and become unnatural due to too much filler.
        One of fillers is hyaluronic acid, a major component of water, which can reduce friction between organs and cells. Moreover, it harmonizes dermis, protein, and collagen together without allergic reaction, irritation, or harm. When it is injected to your skin, it will absorb water to reduce and naturally remove wrinkles or folds. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is a perfect innovation for wrinkle removal. This clear gel can be injected to epidermis and dermis to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Apart from wrinkle removal around eyes, nasolabial folds, forehead, or corners of mouth, this substance can be used for face adjusting such as sunken eye fixing, lip augmentation, and chin augmentation.
Hyaluronic acid is safe; however, overusing can cause your face becomes strange. In medical term, it is called overfilled syndrome, a condition of using too much filler leading to undesirable face shape. Normal face shape has a curvature, so whenever you lose your curvature, your face will look unnatural such as broad nose, chipmunk cheeks, or duck lips. Thus, using filler must be based on fitting.
       Suitable amount of filler is based on face shape and age. Young people usually fix their little defects. Elderly usually uses it to become younger. The key of filler is satisfactory, natural, and right types for individual’s problems. The overfilled can be treated by finding types of substance to remove it later. If you want to do surgery, you must study the information, choose a professional doctor, and select the appropriate substance for your own problem. In addition, the most important thing is it must be based on acceptability and natural to avoid fixing in a future.

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