Botox Resistance
              Botox injection is performed for tightening your face shape as well as reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds. Of course, it is very popular among women. However, after Botox is administered for many times, your body may oppose to it causing Botox resistance. That’s why Botox giving undesired result.

            Botulinum toxin A is perpetually used in medical treatment for curing muscle spasm since Botox can cause muscle relaxation. Later, Botox is developed and used in cosmetic surgery. Botox initial substance consists of active substance (Botulinum) and binding substance (protein). In the past, it is believed that when inject any substance to your body, protein will coat the active substance to prevent damage from body. Actually, however, protein itself stimulates antibody causing Botox resistance. Therefore, first injection is fine, but other injections give less results or nothing. Moreover, injection to a wrong area or an inadequate dose can cause Botox resistance as well.
เสริมสวยด้วย Botox
เสริมสวยด้วย Botox
          Botox resistance is a reaction in which body is against Botox causing no or less result. At first, result may last for 4-6 months, but it becomes 3-4 weeks. Especially, patients undergoing Botox from many clinics are at a higher risk for Botox resistance. If this situation is occurred, you must stop using Botox for 3-4 years until your body can adapt and is ready for Botox injection again. Another option for mild Botox resistance is Botox extraction for a little amount of protein. This substance can replace the original Botox; however, it takes time until the Botox antibodies are lesser.
                Prevention for Botox resistance is taking a suitable amount of Botox and selecting high quality substance with low protein to avoid rejection. Moreover, the operation must be done by a qualified doctor, and the clinic must be reliable. You must not inject with an impostor or buy Botox substance from the internet because it not only increases the risk of Botox resistance but also do harm for yourself or even ruin your beautiful face.

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