Unpretty eyebrows
         Eyebrows are the important component of the face. It is an organ that keeps our eyes clean and clear from the sweat around the forehead. Eyebrows can be used to express feelings. When we are angry, we will frown, or we will raise eyebrows when we are in doubt. In addition, eyebrows can tell physiognomy or your age. In elderly, most of them have a dropping of the superciliary arches, causing downward eyebrows, resulting in crow's feet from wrinkled texture. It is the reason why people with downward eyebrows look older. The most problems of eyebrows are as follow:
• Thick eyebrows
It makes the face looking too aggressive, fierce and flirty.
• Thin eyebrows
It makes the face looking plain and unclear, so you often have to fill in your eyebrows with makeup.
• Eyebrows loss problem
It may be caused by autoimmune disorders or hair loss. Hair loss usually found in people receiving chemotherapy or taking antihypertensive, pain relievers and weight-loss drugs.
• Cleft eyebrows
It is caused by anxiety and stress. When you are stressed, you will pull your hair and eyebrows causing chipped eyebrows.
• Downward eyebrows
It is caused by the collapse of the superciliary arches, causing the eyebrows ptosis and sagging eyelids. The eyebrows are usually over or on the part of the eye socket. If a woman or man has the eyebrows below the eye socket bone, it is called downward eyebrows. Some have had this problem since birth or caused by Botox injections to solve the problem of forehead lines, but it turns out that there was also a dropping eyebrow problem.
        Attractive eyebrows are shiny, even in frequency, undented, non-white with beautiful shapes from the head to the corner of the eye. The tip of the brow should be higher than the head of the eye. Between the eyebrows must not be too close to each other. There should be no injuries or a scar that causes cleft, and, most importantly, eyebrows must be suit with the face.
       Unattractive eyebrows are very thin, hairless, or not aligned. Moreover, it almost drops to the head of the eye. The head of the eyebrows are too close. For the way of treatment or fix unattractive eyebrows, there are variety methods as follows:
1. The eyebrow tattoo
It is a small needle dipped in the ink for tattooing. The tattoo is done on the areas of skin according to the eyebrows' shape. It will create perfect full eyebrows. However, you must consider the safety of tattoo substances.
2. Eyebrow transplant
It is similar to hair transplantation. This method is done by collecting the permanent hair in the occipital area and planting on the eyebrows. The angle and orientation are according to your natural eyebrow, so it will look natural and pretty.
3. Implanted hair (fiber)
This method uses fiber implantation instead of the hair. The fibers are implanted in layer deeper than hair follicles. Therefore, it will adhere more tightly than real hair.
4. The use of hyaluronic acid
It is injected to your bone. This way can raise the eyebrows back up to the same position and must be operated by expert physicians.
5. The use of Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections
This method can reduce the contraction of bones around the eyes, which is the reason of eyebrows ptosis, and can be used to decrease crow's feet.
6.Use of sound wave technology
This way causes the contraction of the muscles around the eyes solving the eyebrow ptosis.
7. Use of radio frequency technology
This method tightens and stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers and elastin causing the firmness of the face. It also lifts eyebrows hair, eyelids, or wrinkles around the eyes.
           Eyebrows are the crown of the face. It is a part that enhances your total look. Nowadays, there are many ways to adjust eyebrows to look beautiful and suitable for face and eyes. Most of people with droopy eyelids problem, wrinkles, crow's feet and aged face choose to have eyelid surgery. Surprisingly, some of that problems are not caused by overactive eyelid but caused by falling eyebrows. Thus, it results in heavy eyelids and crow's feet, and the face looks older. Therefore, we must solve the problem correctly.
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