Wrong Fixing
Many girls are suffered from wrong site surgery. Moreover, some undergoes operation with quack or impostor causing mistakes and worse results. They will feel unpleasant, loss their confidence, and waste their money for the right treatment.
วิธีกำจัดผิดจุด ทำเลเซอร์ผิดจุด
           Eyebrow tattoo is the most common problem. Some people with downward eyebrows and excess eyelids undergo eyebrow tattoo to raise their eyebrows. In fact, this is not a suitable treatment. Eyebrow and eyelid problems are occurred from aging, which causes bones and tendons around eyes collapsing; therefore, it can be fixed by brow lift surgery. Moreover, ultrasound wave technology can be used to promote muscle contraction, and this is the only technology developed and approved by USA that it is absolutely able to treat downward eyebrows.
           People with downward eyebrows will excessively use muscles around eyes causing eyebrows becoming more drop. This can be fixed by Botox (Botulinum toxin A) to reduce muscular function.

     Downward eyebrows without excessive eyelids can be treated by radiofrequency wave. Heat will tighten your skin and stimulate collagen production, so eyebrow problems are reduced.
JETT Plasma is the latest technology which emits heat energy to destroy upper skin and stimulate skin contraction. When skin is contracted, eyelids and eyebrows will be lifted, giving more natural look than surgery.

     Another most common problem is bags under eyes in patient with too much internal fat. The surgery is needed. However, in case of cheek bone collapse, fat areas will be swollen, and subcutaneous fat is lost, causing deep lines under your eyes. If treating by fat removal, it will cause sunken eyes and aging face. Therefore, fat transfer or filler injection should be done for smoother skin.
วิธีกำจัดผิดจุด ทำเลเซอร์ผิดจุด
     Therefore, before you have cosmetic surgery, you should carefully search for information. Moreover, the operation must be done by professional doctor for the right treatment and visible results. If it goes wrong, you will waste your time and money for retreating, or even worse it might be unable to fix.
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